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Murder Hollow compromise reached

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"Animal-cruelty charges filed against a woman known for running a successful pack of sporting dogs have been continued until June and will be dropped if she complies with an agreement to clean and maintain her kennel in Roxborough."

"ONeill said from the bench that Willard must install a drainage system, keep her property reasonably free from feces, repair the kennel ceiling, change standing water the dogs drink from at least once a day, and have the dogs checked for parasites."

"ONeill also sharply criticized reported Internet death threats made against animal-control officers for the raid on Willards property."You should contact animal people", ONeill said to Willard, "and tell them that this matter is resolved."

( follow link and see January 13th post )
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I just don't see this case as a great one for trying to overturn the puppy mill laws. But I truly hope all the hounds are safe and well cared for.[/b]

This was never about the PA dog law, While the Dog law enforcement was present and help obtain a warrant when it became clear there was less than 25 dogs the became uninvolved.
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