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Mr. Buddylee Wants To Know How Much Is The Doggy In The Window?

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Mr. Buddylee is "actively sitting" in a Dover alleyway gazing at the Jewelry Creations shop pup while the top dog at Downtown Dogs, Bill Aherns, is enjoying Buddylee's curious response to the window dressing. Just before this photo opportunity, the Hound Dog was... The Adventures Of A Lovable Basset Hound - Where Is Buddylee?
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Something smells fishy here! If you ask my opinion, ( and even if you don't you're getting it anyway) I don't believe Buddylee wrote this post.

This was staged to look like buddy was thinking of buying himself that doggy because of the previous thread concerning his humans working the poor guy like a that they could live a life of luxury at Buddylee's expense and all he received was his 'bare rations ' for the day.

Buddylee take the advice you received on the other thread. GO SPEAK TO YOUR LAWYER.
The doggy in the window isn't worth as much as YOU, Mr. Buddylee!
Buddylee says that there may be a piece of Pandora jewelry in your future. Flattery will get you everywhere!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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