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Mr. Buddylee Thinking About Opening Day!

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So, how does the idea of a Bassethound baseball team sound? Mr. Buddylee can't do this alone (obviously), but has introduced some ideas. Please check this out: The Adventures Of A Lovable Basset Hound - Where Is Buddylee? Looking forward to your suggestions.
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Lots of treats at each base to make stealing easier. A basset sees/smells a treat, and they move so fast that you can't see them.
Mine always loved going to the ball park with the boys. One of our bassets who was getting older and sleeping a lot got afraid of being left behind, and he began sleeping on top of my youngest's bat bag. That way he knew we couldn't sneak out to the ballpark without him. Couldn't have been real comfortable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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