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Mr. Buddylee, Cautiously, Walks Over the Wiggly Bridge.

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On a wiggly scale of 1 to 10, this walking bridge is a 4. In the “old days”, according to Mr. Buddylee’s friends, Jean and Jack, the WigglyBridge was a 10 (really wiggly). The Hound pulled his ... Please visit: The Adventures Of A Lovable Basset Hound - Where Is Buddylee?

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Cautiously, Walks Over the Wiggly Bridge.
if you want Mr buddlylee to walk confinedlty and quickly over the wiggly bridge I suggest a agility training apparatis whe use to get the dog use to and read for the teater totter is is called a buja ( after the inventer promotor brenda Nuja) board or tippy board/. That a 2x2 or 3 x3 sheet of plywood a sock and a tennis ball. Put the tennis ball in the sock and staple the sock to the board. Put the board on a hard surface tennis ball side down. Reward the dog for steping on the board progressing to it rides the board tipping it in all directions.
I would think that it would be great training for getting hound dogs to go for a boat ride?
I would think that it would be great training for getting hound dogs to go for a boat ride?
could hurt but I never had a basset that was a problem with At least canoes. Now riding in a cart being pulled by a bicycle that is another story.
The other day, always after the next WhereIsBuddylee shot, I put him in a wheel barrow. He stayed in for about 20 feet, but after the wheel dipped into a small rut in the grass, he was out like a shot.
I had one basset that love the bicycle cart she have all kind of admires as well IT took 4 hours to pedel down main street in provincetown because all the stoping on must do. Toughy on the other hand lasted as long a the wheel did not move as soon the move he often like being shot of a cannon. Interesting how fast they can move when they want to.
First of all I'm delighted were talking about a REAL bridge here!! PB goes boating & rides in a bike trailer just fine, but the bike trailer took probably a case & a half of treats!!
It may be helpful to create a list of how many cases of treats it takes to train your hound to do different things.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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