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Moving (from the Bassets' Point of View)

Our Food Slave's gone nuts! Of this we are sure.
There's no other explaination, Can there be a cure?!

She's running all over, this way and that -
Mumbling about "packing" and "Where's that dang bubble wrap?"

We try to help, honest - there's so much to get done,
But apparently packing things covered in drool isn't HER idea of 'fun'.

There's stacks of boxes lining each wall
Which we try to topple and watch when they fall

Mom runs in yelling, "Get away from that stuff"
So we grab the pillows and rip out the fluff.

We don't understand what all the fuss is about,
Why she get's upset, there's no need to shout.

This stuff laying around wasn't OUR bright idea -
What's "expensive" mean and who is "Ikea"?

Mom says we're "moving" and we need to behave
All we know is we want back our fun Food Slave!

- by Mocha and Beldin -

Oh My Gosh Christina, what a hilarious poem! I literally just moved in to a new home less than a month ago, so I can TOTALLY relate! :eek:
Thanks for sharing!
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