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Mother thinks I'm losing it

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[So, I'm driving home from work yesterday morning and I call my mom for our daily check-in. I told her about all the extra hours I've been working and I was carrying on about all the money I was making.
Mom asked me if I had any special plans for all this money and I told her , "Yeah, most of it's already spent."
"Anything fun?" she asked.
"Well, Ma" I casually replied, "I'm having a little plastic surgery done on Franny (my 9 year old blind basset) to just take a little up around his eyes and then I'm taking him in to get his teeth whitened"
Silence from Mom.
"Uh... about how much do you expect to spend on this little procedure?'
"About 1500 bucks, maybe a little more"
More silence.
"Well, honey I need to go...I'll talk to you later"
"Okay Mom, bye now!"
About 5 minutes later my mother calls back.
"Uh, Bevy...I really think we need to talk about this "procedure" you want to do on Francis"
"APRIL FOOLS DAY! MOM! I mean, I love Franny to death but plastic surgery?? Tooth whitening??!!

"Oh, thank God",she sighes. "I thought you had really gone over the bend." :lol:
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I thought you had gone over the bend too!

:lol: :p :lol:

Janice and little Ruby
:lol: I like it! :lol: :lol:
Believable in the fact that Harvey is going in for his face lift this month!...
Plastic surgery for bassets sounds like a great
business opportunity! :lol: :lol: :lol:

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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