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More snow coming and i can't go hunting!!!!!!!!

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we have been trying to put together a little rabbit hunt here,and even if does happen i can't go because i'm layed up with broken ribs :mad: the only good thing is i have some nice pain killers to take when ever i need them!!!
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Sorry about your ribs Billy but glad to hear from you. :) Couldn't they put you on a sled and pull you along during the hunt?

Hope you're feeling better real soon. And don't be such a stranger around here.
Feel better!

Alice :D
they better have a BIG HORSE if they are pulling me in a sled!!!
Sorry Billy, no-can-do. I can hear my horse saying "I don't know nothin' bout pulling a sled!!!"

When/where is the possible hunt? And how did you break the ribs?

Alice :D
just some of the family and friends getting together to try to put a dent in the rabbit population and have a nice rabbit stew afterwards!!! i was running the dogs here and they got on a stray bear down here,since it was warm some must have left the den to get some fresh air.dogs and bear got in a little disagreement.i tried to smooth things over and the bear got a little annoyed at me and took a swing at me and caught me in the rib cage,so i got a little mad and hit it back and turned the dogs loose back on him... end of story the bear looks nice on my wall now!!!!... it sounds better than i how i really broke them. :p
Alice, i think what Pinehawk would need is not a horse, but a deer---John Deere
now i know i just can't win!!!! woke up this morning with major bruising on the left side of my body(rib cage to abs.) went to see the saw bones and have to go for ultra sound and blood work in the AM.i had Darlene take a picture of it because it looked so gross!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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