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more sleeping pictures

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Sadie sleeping in after I got up to get ready for work.

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Sadie's Markings

I noticed that Sadie has the little black triangles between her eyes and ears. Elmer has those same markings. When he was little, we used to call him "Batman" because he looked like he was wearing a bat mask. As he grew, the black receded and now he has those same triangluar (sort of) shaped marks.

Cute pics! Elmer would do the same thing!
I would have just climbed right back in and cuddled-I wouldn't be able to resist! In fact, I would have phoned in sick, and stayed there all morning! :D

In the bed, under the covers and even on the pillow? Is that your bed? :lol: If so, isn't there dog hair everywhere? tee hee
Elmer and Button don't really like to get in our bed. We tried it at first, when we just had Elmer, but he hogged the whole bed. Imaging that! A hoggy Basset! When Button came on the scene, they liked to cuddle together in a large crate. Sometimes Elmee will get in bed with me while I'm reading, but it's not long before he wants "down". Speaking of hair, I just vacuumed and I swear I could make a dog from a kit with all the dog hair that was accumulated in just a couple of days. I'm not sure what to do about this "extra dog" that appears in our living room every few days, but it's sure working the heck out of me (and the vac!) :lol:
Sandy, it was very hard to resist climbing back in bed, she just looked so cozy and she is such a cuddler.

In the bed, under the covers and even on the pillow? Is that your bed?  If so, isn't there dog hair everywhere? tee hee
That is our bed; she's laying on my husband's side. She sleeps either at the end of the bed or in-between my husband & me until 4:00 am when he gets up for work. Then she takes over his spot. She sheds but nothing too bad, yet.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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