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More Pool Pictures

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These are also from yesterday. Stickers will be next!!

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More pictures!!!! Yay....I am so jealous of the is so hot and sticky here. Enjoy your pool for me and Jackie!!!
Love the pictures of Maggie in your life jacket!

Can you tell me what size jacket she is wearing?

We need to get Annie one for all the dog swims she will be going to soon.

Thanks for sharing the pictures...they are adorable!


That is Rusty wearing the jacket. My precious Maggie Mae went to the bridge in January, I just haven't changed my user name. Don't know if i will? Anyway, I now have 2 great hounds. They are litttermates, brother & sister. Rusty & Stickers!

We got Rusty's life jacet at Petsmart. I was about $20. I don't know if the quality is as good as some of the more expensive ones I've seen online. We are using it to try to teach him where the steps are in the pool so he knows how to get out. He was sinking like a huge bag of rocks!! before we got him the jacket.

Petsmart was great about trying different sizes on. He got a medium. This one goes by weight.
Patti, I'm sure Rusty could swim the length of that pool without the jacket. Dogs instincely know how to swim, even bassets! Their weight even makes them more bouyant! Just show him where the stairs are, and he'll be a pro. :D

Sandy, unfortunately, he wasn't swimming very well at all without the jacket. That was the reason we bough it. He has no bouancy. His head immediately goes under! He panicked every time. The instructor that taught his the AKC CGC course suggested the jacket till he learns where the steps are. He did great Saturday (with the jacket on) but yesterday did horrible. He continuously swam into the wall next to the steps. I even have a huge orange traffic cone on the top step. I stand there and call "Rusty, target, target", the whole time next to the cone with his liver treats. Once my Husband steers him in that direction he comes to the cone and gets his treat. But he still has to be steered or he goes anyway. He is very bulky and sinks like a bag of rocks!! THe lessons continue!
Thanks so much for the info!

And so sorry I mixed up the names on your Bassets! Next time I will read more carefully!

We ordered an XL last night over the Internet since it said to measure your dog from neck to tip of tail and her weight and Annie came out being an XL so hope it works for her.

A lot of the swimming pools in the area open their pools to dogs at the end of the season so want to be ready since last year Annie sunk like a rock to the bottom of the pool as soon as she hit the deep water. Not going through that again!!!

Take care and again, thanks for the info! Keep sharing the pix, too!

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Well, I'll have to take Bo and Moose to the lake sometime this summer, to see if they can swim.
My first basset Brutus used to swim like a pro, so maybe some can, and some can't. (or maybe she thought she was a big lab, she acted like it)
Rusty is doing really well...and he looks so cute in his jacket! :D Keep up the pictures with his progress...

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