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I hope all of you aren't getting tired of seeing photos of my kids. They are just so darn cute!!!

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Oh boy, who is the lemon white color one? does s/he has crossed eyes???? That is soooo cute!!! :D :D
Beautiful fur babies!!
Great pictures. I swear your hounds need to have their pictures on Hallmark cards they are so cute. I love to see your hounds...their faces are so adorable!
I never, ever tire of looking at Bassets, & yours are very nice to look at! :)
keep them coming
I could never get tired of looking at those faces.Adorable!!!!
They both have beautiful houndy faces- who could ever get tired of seeing them!
Thanks everyone for the kind words! We CAN'T stop looking at them or taking their picture. Rusty is the Lemon & White, and Stickers, his sister, is Tricolor!
What beautiful expresive faces! They are great looking hounds and I love seeing pictures of them. yvonne
Do Stickers' ears drag the ground when he walks?? They are longest ears I've ever seen. Absolutely adorable ...both of them.

Like my two, they are probably used to the camera by now. It's always nearby. Belly will actually "sit" when I pick it up, because I give a treat if he sits pretty for a photo.
They are beautiful!
WOW!! those ears...
Us get sick of basset pictures!!!!! You must be joking. They are sweethearts and we love seeing them.

Susan and Wilson
AWWWW... I just love looking at this pair!
Keep the pics coming. They pose very well, too :-D
Beautiful pictures. So great you found two wonderful Bassets to share life with. Keep the pics coming.
Just love that little Snickers, think once she matures, she will be quite stunning.(partial to tri's though)
I never get sick of basset pictures! Keep 'em coming! Beautiful dogs!
How could anyone ever possibly get sick of seeing pictures of those two stunning houndies!! THEY ROCK, and I am totally in love with their adorable faces, big fat pawsies, and looooong beautiful ears!! I bet they're just as sweet as they are beautiful!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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