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The Tuh Files: There is a Shortage of Dogs in Michigan | YesBiscuit!

"Regardless of the what actual number is, Detroit does have stray dogs and they are being killed at a horrifying rate at area animal shelters. When asked about the ACOs who work in the field, rounding up the city’s stray dogs, AC head Harry Ward told Bloomberg:

But while the city ACOs are working overtime to get stray dogs off the streets and into the kill rooms at area shelters, Michigan Humane is importing dogs from TN in a pretty white van with their logo on it, all shined up for the TV news crews.
Because there is a shortage of dogs in Michigan.
Because everyone in Michigan neuters their pets.

“Our centers are not full,” said Erin Campbell with the Michigan Humane Society. “We don’t often have small dogs or puppies. It seems spay and neutering has taken off so that’s why don’t have the puppies that are in the south.”
When a pet killing facility imports shelter animals from out of state, it appears they are doing it for personal profit and/or publicity. They are obviously not doing it to save animals since they are killing pets they already have. In the case of Michigan Humane, they are claiming to have empty space while simultaneously asking for donations to help save the supposed 50,000 stray dogs in Detroit. And driving to Knoxville for more. Apparently 50,000 dogs don’t stretch as far as they used to.[/quote]

Animal Adoption Becoming Money Making Business (video)
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