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More housetraining issues...

3214 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  Califnative an update. We got our boy Strider (aka Slobby) in July of this year. We didn't have a fenced yard so we took him for walks on a leash. Now with the colder weather, we installed a fence last weekend which made the yard HUGE.

at first Slobby didn't want to go out there, which I understand because we are making him do something new. Well, we left him out there the first day during his normal poop time and he did it! We praised him, treated him, etc.

The first two days were great. Then disaster. He was sleeping in our beds with us (either mine or my son's) but he started becoming territorial so he's now OFF the bed into his own dog bed we bought him (we can bring it from room to room). But when he's in my room, he likes a certain chair and his happy to sleep there.

Then on Thursday night last week, I woke up to a nice smelling present that he left in the middle of my carpet at midnight. Yes, great way to wake up...

So I went online and started searching for ways to retrain him. Now he's in the crate 24/7 -- eating in there too. He comes out for potty time at his regular times but still won't go. We even run him around to get his internal parts churning. But still nothing.

I was reading that he now has to be supervised at ALL TIMES -- meaning eyes on him always.

I then made a mistake. I left him in the kitchen for a minute while I ran upstairs to get my coat to walk him outside. Came back to nice solid poop in the kitchen.

I'm so exasperated. I know it was my fault because I took my eyes off him.

Last night around 5:00 he had a poop. I let him out again around 8:00 but no pee or poop. This morning he ate in his crate at 6:30 and we let him out from 6:50 to 7:15 with pee, no poop. Now he's back in the crate until my son gets home to let him out again at 4:00.

Please someone tell me my 4 year old boy will eventually start going outside???
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In a crate for 24-7 :confused: Poor thing! :( Hope he's got comfy bedding to lie on!

Edit: Surely cold weather doesn't stop you walking him... he's maybe bored at being shut in a cage or yard and he's rebelling by pooing where and when you don't want him to!!!

Do you not take him for a walk about an hour after he's been fed because I think movement helps stir them up inside and they poo and wee. Ours prefer to go in the garden -- easier to clear up - but I';m always armed with bags for walkies too!
Yep, he's got a comfy bed to lie in and we take him on regular walks AFTER he has done his business. And he can come out of the crate in the kitchen as long as we have eyes on him at ALL times. We are trying to train him like a puppy, basically starting over. All the training manuals I've read say that that is what we should do.

It's been in the 20's in the early morning hours so we don't give him a walk until later in the afternoon. He does get plenty of exercise.

and we discovered this morning that the reason we can't find any poop is because he's been eating it right after. Yuk. So now we are watching like a hawk to make sure he poops and leaves it alone...we've had our boy since July and I had no idea it would take so long to retrain him. He was housetrained before.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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