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Philly Dawg

see Dec. 9th article- "Will There Be Justice For Animals" Quote:

"Will there be justice for animals in Judge Brown's Lancaster County courtroom?
Animal welfare advocates wonder whether newly-elected county judge Leonard Brown III can separate his new role - balancing the scales of justice - with his old role as a partner in a firm that specializes in representing accused (and convicted) animal abusers.
Brown, who ran unopposed in the November election, takes office next month as one of more than a dozen judges who sit on the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
Lancaster County has the largest concentration of dog kennels in the state and an unusually large equine population because of the number of Amish residing there.
How will Brown handle cases involving cruelty to animals?
Should he recuse himself given his law firm's active defense of high profile animal abusers?
Over the past several years, as enforcement actions by the state and local humane agencies against commercial kennels increased under the new state dog law, Brown's firm, Clymer, Musser, Brown and Conrad developed a new niche practice: defending animal abusers at all levels of criminal court and suing humane agencies and activist groups in federal court on constitutional grounds.
On Thursday, Brown's firm lost its appeal of one of the most high profile animal abuse cases in the state. The state Superior Court upheld a Lehigh County Court judge's ruling in an animal cruelty case involving Derbe Eckhart, former operator of Almost Heaven kennel, once one of the most notorious puppy mill operators in the state."
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