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More bad news for Bartleby

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Bart is back in the hospital today.

He had a terrifying episode yesterday when he started trying to vomit and his stomach convulsed but all he was able to produce was a little bit of foamy bile and some gassy belches. Then he collapsed and refused to move.

After resting for about an hour he was up and moving again. We were still at my parents' home at the lake in the middle of nowhere and there was no vet to take him to. So we made it home last night and I took him to his own doctor first thing this morning. They kept him and sent me to work.

The medicine for his diarrhea hasn't worked. He took the last pill yesterday and he's still making liquid poops. Now he has blood in both his urine and stool.

He hasn't been eating well at all so last night after I got him home I went to the store and got him some chicken and rice and boiled it up for him. He ate it right up, to my relief. During this whole ongoing diarrhea saga he has never acted sick or painful until yesterday, but last night and this morning he's his old perky self. I'm still scared for him though. He acted fine all weekend, and had a great time at my family reunion. When he's feeling better I'll post some of the new pictures. Right now I've just got my fingers crossed that the vet will call any minute and tell me he'll be just fine.

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Has your vet checked Bartleby for Coccidia? A friend just went thru something similar to what you're describing with her now 5 month old Golden Retriever. Apparently Coccidia can be pretty hard to diagnose, and it took several months, many stool samples,and lots of guess work on the part of the vet before the problem was solved.
Poor Bartleby. Poor you! :(

Did Bartleby test positive for giardia? I know it can be kind of hard to detect. I've also heard it can take as long as three weeks to get rid of the giardia. :( Your vet knows this, no doubt, but I figured it might be helpful for you to know.

His diarrhea can also be a result of a lot of other things, too, so don't be surprised if he shows up with something else.

Biscuit goes back into the vet this week for tests and to check his giardia. His diarrhea started to stop, things were looking good, and now it's returned. :(

Oddly, what I'm the most frightened about is that he may have developed that irritated bowel syndrome because that can be so hard to work with.

I guess my reasons for posting anything is just to tell you that diarrhea's a frustrating and tricky thing to try and figure out. The smartest thing you could have done is to put him in the doggie hospital especially because he's a puppy.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Gee sorry to hear Bartleby is still having GI symptoms. :( Has your vet done and x-ray of the abdomen? Bassets pups are notorious for ingesting foreign objects and have heard of numerous cases where GI symptoms turned out to be a rock, sock, panty house, etc.

Hope he's doing better, poor little guy. And poor mom. :( Keep us posted.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I just wanted to throw out the disease Lymphangiectasia. It is a very serious GI disorder that is easily overlooked until it is too late. It requires a biopsy of the intestines to verify. While it is extremely rare in the basset hound, I know from experience that they do get it. Anyways, I hope your dog doesn't have it and that he gets better soon.

Just wondering if there is any news on Bartleby's health from the vet? My thoughts are with you! What a horrible thing to go thru!
I hope Bartleby is on the mend. He is so like my dog, Molly, it's scary!
Jamie, I have been watching for any news about Bart. I hope that he is recovering quickly. Please keep us updated when you have time. Thanks
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