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Moose's awesome new waterbowl!

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He just noticing the new pond...

Ahhhh, that's refreshing...

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That's the best I've seen so far, :p
but where is Bo's? :blink:

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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Wow! What we will do for our bassets! What does his FOOD bowl look like?

That's great! At least we know you are properly pampering your houndie! hehehehe
I hope my three don't see this or they will demand equal treatment. It is beautiful.
Steinar and Lynne, you can see Bo stretched out on the lawn....Believe me, both hounds just love the pond. So do I, the sound of running water is soooo soothing. Next year, it will have a little waterfall built up where the little statue is.

Ha Ha!! clever dog.
Is that a statue of a bulldog next to it? Did they sniff it? :D Beautiful "water bowl". I want one!
Is the water heated? If not my Jackie would absolutely refuse to go in it...she is a Princess after all. :rolleyes:

Nice job on the is coming along very nicely...mine is still a patch of grass and mud.
Wow! What we will do for our bassets! What does his FOOD bowl look like?
:lol: ! :lol: ! :lol:! :lol: !
Of course you do all these things for the houndies. They deserve nothing less.
:D awesome !! I can see my little Roxy falling into that.

Here's my pond, also used as the preferred drinking source for Dudley & Minnie. B)

Minnie is smart enough to avoid falling in, but Dudley has taken a plunge at least twice. It's shallow and easy to climb out of, since it has rocks all the way around above and below water.

I just got finished searching my pics, I can't believe I don't have a decent shot of either of the hounds hangin' around the pond!
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Sandy love your houndies new water bowl <GR>. Do the white stones hold up well in winter? My birdbath will break if I forget to put it in the garage. I have a side area of backyard that the hubby started THREE YRS. AGO. :angry: So, in the spring I went to science store. Came home and wrapped crime scene tape all around trees. Put bench with a sign saying isn't this a shame?. Got in halloween stuff and put a (RIP) stone agaisnt the tree. There have been a few times the cops drive thru our subdivision to look for teenage speeders. A couple of times they have stopped their car and looked at it. Must look too real! (LOL)
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