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oh my gosh, these are awesome pics LOL what a cute little brat!
Bowser is a toe licker as well...all toes are his. He especially likes them after a shower.
I hate to say it, but a lot of the issues you have sound like they need a little more dicipline....some negative reinforcement : (
it works though. Rolled up newspaper on the butt..loud clacking noise (coins in a can) when he does something wrong...a nice scare. Often that works better than spanking or something.

Bowser had troubles with learning to potty outside until he was about 7.5 months old...then one day it was like he just woke up and understood like magic. Now he wouldn't go in the house if you bribed him!

what worked best for me, was when he was very little we did the cesar milan thing of pretending to be the dog mama...i'd take my hand like a claw and snake out and "bite" the scruff of his neck, and bark "NO" at him quickly. It was jolting and effective. I think i did it twice. EVER *lol* from then on, he knew when i said no, i meant to stop what he was doing. it was an AMAZING feat. The first time he minded it was like magic. He was crying and fussing, and i wanted him to get into his bed for the night (he wins, since then, since now he sleeps with me lol)
I told him no, and to get in his bed....finally i did the "mom-bite" he stopped crying, turned around, and i pointed at the bed and said "get in your bed" and he walked right in and laid down. it was pure magic!

if you can get him to hold still long enough, you should try it!
(though he's probably at the bratty age now where if you do something like that he just wants to be defiant LOL) good luck!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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