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Molly was a pant leg biter too. She'd latch on and I'd come to a dead stop. Walking was the same as playing tug with her, so if I stopped, the game had ended and she'd let go. If you have a toy nearby when Monty does that, offer that instead of the leg. Eventually Molly outgrew it and she's good now. But that was after holes in jeans and shirt tails.

As far as the pottying, yeah I am there too. Patience and persistence. Are there any cues when Monty is ready to piddle? Learn his cues and get him outside before he pees. At 6 months, Winston now knows "out" and will run to the door. I see him lining up to go and I excitedly ask him if he wants to go out. If it's not too late, he will run to the door. This gets easier as they get older. As Mikey T will tell you, sphincter control comes later with bassets and there is rarely a truly housebroken one under a year old. Molly is a year next weekend and there is a lot more control. She's on prednisone for Addison's Disease though, so accidents happen...not her fault. Keep at it and Monty will get there!

Happy 6 month birthday,'re so stinkin' cute!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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