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Mommy is really in the Doghouse!!!!

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Hi all! I am Max, and I am a 2 year old Basset. Like all Hounds out there, I am a shoedog at heart. I thought I would ask everydog's advice: So it all started lastnignt. Mommy went shoe shopping and came home with a new pair of white leather Nike walking sneakers. Yumm!!!! I am the official new sneaker taste tester of our house and Mommy can't wear her sneakers until I give em a good sniffing and licking and tasting. Well, today I find that she wore em over to the neighbor's house who has 2 big hungry slobbery Saint Bernards. Well, they thought mommies nikes were delicious and chewed on them! Hmhp!! Mommy is in the doghouse now!!!! So mommy went out for a while this afternoon and I went upstairs to chew on my dumb kong when I spotted another new pair of nike sneakers on the floor!! They are just like the ones mommy wore earlier (except no slobber and teethmarks yet). Do you think she left them there for a peace offering???? Should I eat them up??? Let me know before she gets back home!!!!!
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Yeah, go chew on them. After all, she left them on the floor just for you. Enjoy your snack!


Ruby (and Janice)
Oh I wholeheartedly agree, munch away--since Mommy can't wear two pairs at once!
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