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Mom, I'm bored!

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They were so naughty all day, I think they were bored or something! So tonight, to get some peace and quiet, I just dumped the entire toy basket into the living room floor and let them have at it! They had a ball, "discovering" new old toys and bones long forgotten.

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I do the same thing almost daily!! My two have to go for their 2 mile walk everyday or they are up to no good!! We walk one mile in the morning and one mile before dinner. Then there is peace!! :)
I think I should do that for my 2-thanks for giving me the idea.

Brilliant! My mum's Mastiff does this by himself to our toybox everytime he visits. He does not do it at home - other dogs' toys are FAR more interesting! :lol:

Jackson's Blog.
My goodness! Ruby must be deprived or something! She has less than 10 toys.
My goodness! Ruby must be deprived or something! She has less than 10 toys.[/b]

Well . . , that's three dogs' worth! And I buy those bones pretty often so they don't chew them down too small and choke on smaller peices. As a matter of fact, I'm glad I dumped the basket, because I wound up throwing away about 6 bones that were pretty small and I was worried they would choke on them. Yeah, it made for a pretty peaceful evening . . . .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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