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Molly's Rough Day

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It started with a loud thunderstorm early Monday morning. I slept through it, but was told it was a loud one. Molly has been going through a bit of a fear stage and loud noises scare the heck out of her. She was alone downstairs with Winston and surely this storm scared her. Then the Memorial Day parade passed the end of our street...complete with noisy sirens and a marching band with a drum corps. She wouldn't go outside. Then there was the gun salute at the American Legion post around the corner. Ugh, my poor baby.

Then in the evening, her stomach started bugging her. She doesn't want to eat, will occasionally drink, and has low tolerance for her 4 month old brothers antics (I've broken up some potentially aggressive tussles throughout the evening). I took Winston for a walk to tire him out so he'd leave Molly alone so she could rest. She vomited once that I saw, not much in it...just yellowish and she ate it. If she vomited more, I haven't found it, but she is always quick to hide the evidence. She's eaten nothing out of the ordinary and I don't believe she got into anything. She did eat a bunch of dog treats at grandma's on Sunday, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm stumped. Winston has a vet appointment for shots Tuesday morning. I'm going to see if they'll take Molly instead, or at least see her at some point. I'm not one to rush to the vet for a simple belly ache, but she is so unhappy and doesn't seem to be feeling better.

Thanks for the sympathetic ear...I'll let you know how she's doing.
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I’m so glad to hear that Molly is back at home and she is doing better. I’m sure you both are feeling better with her where she belongs. I did a little bit of searching on Addison's and I found a website full of great info that is also a support group for parents of four legged children that have it.

Prayers out to you both that Molly has a long full life that you can both enjoy.

Here is the link for you…

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