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molly's ear *scabs*?

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hi everyone, i'm hoping someone will have some info/adive on my puppy's issue. i got my first dog about 10 days ago, she is a 9week old basset hound. she steps on her ears a lot when she walks and they flopin the water dish when she drinks (as expected from reading before i got her) but, she now has these little flakes of skin on the bottom 2 inches of her ears inside and out. the flakes are dandruff colored (white) and scab shaped. there is no blood, they are white flakes and when they come off, a little fur is attached to them. the bottom of her ears are covered with these things. i cant tell if they are bothering her or not, she scratches with her back leg, but her leg is too short to reach the part of her ears where the flakes are. so i dont know if she is scratching something else, or if the flakes itch and she cant reach. i feed her iams puppy formula, and the breeder sent a bag of the food she used so i mixed them and transitioned her. i've been wiping the wax out of the inside of her ears 2x a week as recomended by a basset web site and i have bathed her twice since i got her. any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated. thank you so much, feel free to email your response. [email protected] -miranda & molly (the basset)
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Hi Miranda. What a beautiful girl Molly is! I have just two suggestions for you:

1. Short haired dogs only require baths about once a month. You can touch them up with baby wipes in between. If she has sensitive skin, it will become irritated if you bathe her too much. It also strips the fur of natural oils. Some bassets have a "houndy" smell naturally, and bathing too often actually can make it worse rather than better.

2. I would take her to the vet. If bits of her fur is coming out, that could be an infection of some kind. If you wait too long to take her, her ears may lose all their fur, exposing the sensitive skin. Perhaps she drug her ears through something that irritated them.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Watson has stuff on his ears too, although it is brown and I am pretty sure that it is just dirt. I pointed it out to our vet, and she said that it wasn't anything, just dirt that sticks to his eats when they are wet.
It drives me crazy, and I pick at a lot. It doesn't bother him at all, but bits of hair do come out of it when I pull it out. I am not sure that it is the same thing as with your dog, but I would probably point it out to your vet just to be on the safe side.
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