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Molly is acting weird...

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againt today.

My husband was playing with her (not roughly) and she starting crying out in pain which lasted for about a minute. Then she acted all lethargic, and just not herself. She's usually jumping all over the place.

This has happened before about a week ago, and then next day I took her into the vets (she was also throwing up, which she has now stopped). He didn't really have anything to say about it, but i'm worried.

Also, tonight at dinner. She jumped up to try get some food on the table and she cried again. Not for a long time like before, but she got right down and layed down.

What's up with her?

I thought maybe it could be gas or constipation, but she is having regular poops. She has been drinking more water than usual, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Anyone experience something like this?
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Also, i should mention the doctor put her on meds (amoxacillan), but that was just for the bug she had.
I would take her in again or go to ER. Poor thing. I don't have a clue! Maybe something with leg or hip? :) Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
Perhaps she strained or pulled a muscle? Our Tally had that happen once from jumping off the couch. The pain lasted a while (it was so long ago - perhaps a week or so?). Until it healed she was NOT a happy camper. I would have the vet take another look to be sure it's not a more serious injury.

I hope she feels better soon...

Limping? Any sense of area causing discomfort? Back pain perhaps? I would monitor closely and try to locate the affected area and go from there. You said she was pooping - any blood in it?
I don't know what it could be but I hope she is better soon.
I don't know if this helps chows are prone to pulling muscles and I always use rhus tox a homoeopathic medicine it seems to do the trick very quickly , but Menna is my first basset so I haven't needed to try it with her so far. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried it with a basset because I always keep some in and because she is such a live wire I'm sure she is going to harm herself one day.
Several times Happy has pulled a muscle. Sometimes he will continue to limp after, or just cry when he over does it and feels the pull. He has had bed rest and med.s to just plain let it heel. I guess only a vet tell tell for sure.
This happened occasionally with Jake when he was younger. The vet suspected joint (ligament) problems, gave him pain killers and advised no strenuous exercise - something most bassets have no problems in obeying! It stopped when he reached about 2 years of age.

Another vet visit is good advice. Keep us posted...
She seems A-OK today. Perhaps she did just pull a muscle. It does seem to happen after she plays. I'll def. call the vet today though.
Besides Emma we also have Chihuahua that has leg and hip problems. Chi-Chis are notorious for this. Anyway he will do the same thing if he "catches" it the wrong way. He will yelp and sometimes even limp for a few steps until it goes back into place. He is fine after that.

Hope that helps.
hope she continues to feel good. :) Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
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