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Molly can walk!!

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The neurologist just called to tell me Molly is walking on her own!!!! My prayers were answered. They're weaning her off the pain meds and the vet said Molly has quite the appetite! She's coming home Mon. and Stryker is off to visit Grandpa for at least 2 weeks. Week from hell is officially OVER!! Thank all of you SO much. The healing drool worked! The vet wanted to know what phone # to use when she calls me for updates this weekend. I told her of course the work #, I'll be working 7 days a week for the next few months to pay the vet bills. She laughed too. Take care everyone, Belinda.
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Sending healing drool for you now. I know how painful pleurisy can be, thank goodnes for modern medicine. Hope you get better soon and Molly too!
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