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This is why I love my bassets, they crack me up.

In our den we have a glass fireplace screen. Well lately every time Mollie comes in the Den she walks by the fireplace screen. When she does she sees her reflection in the glass. She then goes up to the screen very carefully sniffing away at it. Then will get down and walk by and circle around the ottoman and come back by to check out the dog in the fireplace. She'll do it a couple of times and then will lay down. But what gets me the most is I really think she is afraid of her reflection in the glass. She is such a nut!

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:D They are silly!

Recently my hubby took out an old mirror that we haven't decided what to do with it yet. We put it on the backyard by the shed.
Several weeks ago, Winston walked by it and he quite surprise seeing "another" dog that looks like him! His ears moved forward, he wagged his tail, he sniffed at it, then he made this barking/howling sounds. And then he could see my reflection on the mirror, he was sooo happy to see his moomy has double in two! So he barked again.
LOL. Silly dog.....
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