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Moe update

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Sunday night Moe discovered that his hind leg would reach his side and tore at his drain with his toenail. It made quite a nasty-looking wound in his side. :( If he had only waited fifteen more hours the vet could've removed it with less damage and he'd be fine, but nooooooo, not my Moe! We stopped the bleeding and wrapped his foot in an ace bandage so he could't hurt himself more. I took Moe to the vet Monday, feeling very worried about him and overwhelmed with all that's been going on in our lives. Our vet took a look at his wound and said that it actually didn't look that bed and it would probably heal without benefit of stitches. Also the infection seemed to be much improved. We are to continue his antibiotics and warm compresses, and bring him back next Monday for another look-see. I left there feeling so much better. They didn't even charge me for the visit since they considered it a follow-up and they didn't do more than look at him. By yesterday his wound was looking a lot better, and even more so today. He's adjusted to his cone-collar and has learned to lift his head when walking. He still rearranges my plant stands and tips his water bowls with it, though. We were told that when his wound reaches a certain degree of healing, his licking will no longer hurt it and the cone can stay off. In the meantime we remove it once in a while when we are home to watch him and put it back on when he starts licking the wound. Perhaps by Saturday we'll be able to take it off permanently...

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Hurray Moe! Be a good boy and get out of that collar soon-
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