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Mocha Update

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I've gotten a couple of inquries as to how things ended up with Mocha and how come I haven't been on the board in a while ...

I ended up having to sign Mocha over to the vet so they could continue treatment and find her a home that could afford her medications. As far as I know they still have not yet been able to find her a "forever" home. She has been to a couple of different fostering homes but both have brought her back. One, the home had a dog that decided it didn't want Mocha there and attacked her - the other decided a hound wasn't for them because she'd require so much extra care.

In the mean time I've gotten a new job and I have been working literally day and night ... I was hoping to be able to make enough to be able to afford to take her back myself but so far I haven't been able to get enough together to pay off the rest of the outstanding vet bill to begin with - plus I'm still at my mothers house and SHE says that even if I did end up making enough I'm working so much now that I wouldn't be able to be home for Mocha to make sure she's okay and mom refuses to help "babysit" the furbabies. She told me she would not allow me to take Mocha back even if I had the means to do so and still stay here. - So I'm still trying to find a place to live out from her thumb too.

As far as the vets will tell me now, Mocha has responded to the treatments, she is still somewhat distressed though and that the clinic environment is no longer a benefit to her, she needs to go "home" ...... unfortunately at this time her home can't be mine although I wish more than anything it could be. The last I heard there was a man looking to adopt her and she's gone to his home for a trial run and I haven't heard anything back yet ... I'm expecting a call this week.

Beldin is doing alright, he's somewhat more subdued than he used to be. He doesn't play as much or run around the yard like he used to. And he's cranky, he growls and grumbles and mopes and sometimes when the kids try entice him to play he grumps at them and will leave the room. Sometimes though he's more like how he used to be before ... he perks up during walk times and will stay happy for a while.

The kids are starting to come around a bit more too, my son Joseph has been coming out of his room and interacting more with his brother and sister but it's like he's ignoring the other animals now sometimes. He doesn't cuddle them like he used to. We'll have to see how things go once school starts here again full time and he gets his counselor back.

I haven't been posting on the board much mostly due to my work schedule now, I'm rarely online anymore ... and when I am I guess I just don't really know what to say - I just feel kind of numb most times ... I feel like I failed Mocha and the kids somehow. The vet says I'm doing the right thing in recognizing that she needs more help than I can give right now and that it's because I love her so much I'm trying to find her a better home than trying to be selfish and just keep her myself in spite of the fact I don't have the means to care for her properly ... I heard everything she said and it made sense but it still doesn't really help when I don't have her here.

No basset 500 around the yard or the house with her brother .... no giggling kids wrestling with both the hounds on the floor being covered in drool ... no Mocha sleeping on my feet when I'm on the computer ...

But at least I know that she is alive and responding to treatments and that the vet is doing what they can to try find her a good home that can take care of her.

But it's still hard.

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It took a lot of guts and selflessness to do what you did. I know you must be devastated, but you did the right thing. You do need to focus on getting out of that house. Hopefully this man will take Mocha, and maybe even give you and Beldin visitation! Please let us know how things turn out.
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