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Amber...a.k.a. Autumn was adopted from NEBHR about a month ago, has escaped and is running loose somewhere in North Providence, R.I.
The vicinity of: Sherman Ave, North Providence, RI 02911.
She is extremely shy and very scared of humans...Especially men. She has been missing since Thursday 9/18/03 at 6:15 PM. NEBHR was just notified of Amber's escape tonight 9/21/03. Apparently, Amber escaped from a fenced in yard.
Flyers are hung, pounds have been notified, an ad in the paper will be printed and the authorities have also been notified. We have had some sightings but she is very scared and very fast.
There is a reward for Amber's safe return. If found, please contact Andrea at (401) 353-7155 or NEBHR at (603) 463-5610. You can call these numbers at any time if you've seen or found Amber. Please keep your paws crossed that Amber returns home safely.

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By popular demand... here is Amber's story (who was lost on
Providence, RI for 6 weeks.(as told by Karen, our director at
==================================================She was found near her home in an area where there are thick woods.
were many sightings of her on Halloween night. (No doubt my tricker
treaters etc...) Andrea then went to her town ACO and set out a humane
animal trap after learning of the confirmed sightings. Andrea checked
trap around 11:00 PM Sunday night and low and behold, there was Amber.
immediately took Amber to the emergence vet clinic and was later sent
after the ticks and fleas were removed. They are treating her for Lyme
disease because the chances of her coming down with it are high.

She was infested with fleas and ticks but other than that she was in
shape. Of course, she was skinny but for being a stray for six weeks
she is


...You can see Amber on the NEBHR home page :)
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