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Miss Maggie and Miss Mollie(pics)

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Where can I sit? In order, Pixie(the Mutt), Mollie the puppy and Maggie

Mollie, my daughter and Maggie
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You DON'T get to sit on the couch, because they've claimed it. LOL I love the second photo especially. What a cute bunch they are!
Your daughter is a beautiful little girl! The "kids" are pretty cute too!
Most cute; all three!

I just realized I could get accused of plagiarizing your pair of dog names! We have Maggie, 13, and lost our Annabelle in January. My wife wants to name our new puppy, to be available early May, Mollie, since the two names roll off the tongue so easily! We'll see, maybe we'll spell it Molly if we go with that!
Just love the second pic.Always think of the phrase... 'Bassets in their natural Habitat' when I see pics of Bassets and children together. :)
Great pictures! That second one is just tooooooo CUTE!!
Thanks so much for the nice comments. The story behind the picture with my daughter is a funny one. As always in the morning I was running around crazy trying to get lunch packed and breakfast ready. And my daughter is in the den calling me telling me to hurry! So I ran in there and she told me to take a picture of her with the dogs. She wanted me to post it on here just like everyone else does with their dogs. So that is how the picture came about with my 4 year old.

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The 1st one look like my house. :)
Your hounds are prolly like mine,think they have 2 legs like the other kids.I have 2 boys and Flash loves them so much.Its is so funny when the boys sit on the floor to watch tv she is right there in the middle of them watching too.I love it!!

Your little girl is to cute.
Thanks, my dogs do the exact same thing. When the kids sit on the floor the houndies are all over them. Glad my hounds sound normal!
Beautiful picture of the three gangmembers,
I'm sure they together can create a havoc,
even looking so innocent now. :)

I took the liberty to adjust it a little bit:

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All three girls are adorable.
(OMG) Molly is a beauty!!!!! Steinar made the family pic even more so. The 1st one looks like mine. can't get on sofa bacause of Tummy and cat. (Cassie). Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
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