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Minna's Merry Christmas

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Some of you might remember that we adopted our dachshund Minna in May 2005 from an 85 year old couple in Connecticut who couldn't care for her anymore. We've kept in touch with them with phone calls and pictures. Last weekend we took her home for a visit!

What a great reunion! Her former owner,Faith, didn't think Minna would remember them, but she couldn't have been more wrong! Minna ran to them, kissed them, and settled right down in her favorite place- Dick's lap, where she closed her eyes and went to sleep. They loved hearing about her new life with us, and I think it gives them peace of mind to know that we've given her a good home.I think seeing her again will be their best Christmas present this year- it was definitely worth the trip!

Here's wishing everyone on the forum a wonderful holiday season!
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That's wonderful that she remembers them!
How kind of you to take her back for a visit. :)
What a wonderful Christmas story.
What a wonderful gift you gave them! That is really what the holiday spirit is all about.
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