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minna met the devil last night

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Last night we let Minna(our dachshund) out at 9pm for her last potty break. My husband saw a cat down by the back fence and so did Minna- she was off like a rocket- the next thing we heard was a squeal, and Minna came flying back up the yard, onto the porch, past Paul at the door, and dived under the couch! She spent the night in her crate where she feels safe, but this morning she was still trembling and wouldn't go back out into the evil backyard until we all -husband, me and Murray- went out with her and stood there until she gradually started walking around. She's back to normal now, just one scratch on the top of her head, but I don't think Minna will want to chase kitties for awhile!

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Poor little Minna! Sounds like she's learned to be wary of cats. :D
Cats are NOT impressed with dogs. LOL We had a big fuzzy tommy cat once who took a German shepherd down with one paw. The dog was ours, too, and mostly left Hippie alone, but one day he decided to get cute, and Hippie nailed him (literally! LOL) and that dog went down on his nose like a ton of bricks. That was the last time he tried to assert himself over Hippie.
We had to literally kick a cat off of Maurice one day :)
The cat just jumped out of nothing, headed for Maurice and attacked.
Maurice is still 'on guard' whenever we walk by that spot, and the incident happened 2 years ago :)

My friend who moved in with his fiance has a cat. But his fiance has a dachund. The first 2 weeks was a chaos. Lots of funny story.... :roll:
Those evil cats!!

Henrietta and Winston (generally) stay away from them because we have 2 evil cats as well. So they learned their lesson already.
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