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Yesterday marked Miles 1 week anniversary here and he's doing fabulous! Everyone gets along just great together but Tucker & Miles seem to have a special bond. I must say that adding Miles has been a great thing!

I thought I'd have 3 hounds sleeping in bed with me but so far I usually only have 1 or two, the 3rd will either sleep in the dog bed or the recliner. The only certain thing is that Tucker sleeps with me.

I took Miles to the vet on Monday since he needed all his vaccines, got his nails trimmed and he's on a prescription antihistamine for his itching so we're working getting his skin cleared up too.

He seems to be right at home and is a very happy basset!

Here he is! This is the dog chair so that's why it looks the way it does.

Tucker and Miles

And here's Miss Rosie!
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