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:lol: Something funny happened while we were traveling with the dogs last week.

We were stopped at a rest area in Upstate New York, walking Murray and Minna, our tiny, shy, 9 pound dachshund. An elderly couple pulled up in a van loaded with 7 of their grandchildren, ages 6-11, who they were taking on vacation. The kids jumped out and made a bee-line for the bathrooms, and the grandparents and one 7 year old girl stopped to talk with us about the dogs. We told them the dogs' names, and mentioned that Murray likes to be petted much more than Minna because Minna came to us as a rescue dog.

The 7 year old ran off to get her cousins-she was really excited and anxious to bring her cousins back. They all returned together and began petting Minna - " Is this HER?! Is this MIDNIGHT THE WONDER DOG!!?? How does she rescue people when she's so SMALL??"

When the kids calmed down a little and we stopped laughing we explained to them that Minna is not that kind of 'rescue dog', and even though they were disappointed, both dogs ended up getting lots of pets. And Minna has a new nick-name: Midnight the Wonder Dog. :lol:
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