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Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment

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If you feel as strongly about the Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment, please take a moment to visit this page and submit your thoughts to the NFL. The loud clear message needs to be sent that even being indicted on something like this is cause for big punishment. Let's see the NFL prove how ethical they are . . .
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I hope the publicity continues along with public outrage.

In NM they are introducing new legistation to make it easier to prosecute people who engage in dog fighting. There are laws on the books, but I guess they are almost impossible to enforce.
I agree with Soundtrack about NOT sending money to HSUS. If you have money to give to a worthy cause give it directly to a shelter or rescue where it actually will go to the animals.

In addition to letting the NFL know how you feel, please contact the corporations that pay Vick. The ones I know of are Kraft Food, Coca-Cola & Nike. I'm sure there are others. The only way to stop corproation from paying people like Vick is to hit them in their pocketbooks.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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