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Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment

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If you feel as strongly about the Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment, please take a moment to visit this page and submit your thoughts to the NFL. The loud clear message needs to be sent that even being indicted on something like this is cause for big punishment. Let's see the NFL prove how ethical they are . . .
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A few thoughts :

Everyone has known for years about dog fighting and it's connection to illegal gambling and the drug culture. It seems that the government has finally realized that cracking down on dog fighting will give them a wedge to go after these jerks for gambling and drugs- if that wasn't involved, I don't think they'd be this concerned.

And blessings on feeble old Senator Byrd for his impassioned speech last week: " It's barbaric! It's barbaric! IT'S BARBARIC!" I thought he was going to cry.

I'm delighted that this is getting alot of media coverage and that people are truly outraged. About time!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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