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Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment

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If you feel as strongly about the Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment, please take a moment to visit this page and submit your thoughts to the NFL. The loud clear message needs to be sent that even being indicted on something like this is cause for big punishment. Let's see the NFL prove how ethical they are . . .
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Soundtrack, you make some excellent points. I hadn't really dissected it down to the fundraising--matter of fact, I only was encouraging the sending of the message to the NFL for punishment of Vick. Just as we never really know how much of our foreign aid is received by third world countries, or how much of the money for starving children goes for administrative costs, this is another cause which is hard to see accountability in, or to regulate. Lots of these causes are so top heavy that much of the deserved aid for the suffering recipients is diverted to administration costs. There are those from the school of "give with a glad heart", and those who want proof that their money is well used. I agree that accountability is an important issue.

Between animal testing, the problems in the food supply industry, and this dogfighting issue, I feel so disgusted and depressed! These stupid, ignorant people would sell their mother to the devil to make a dollar. And as Murraysmom stated, they are only starting to crack down because they see the link to the drug criminals through dogfighting. :angry:
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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