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Merry Christmas Slideshow

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I just finished my annual picture taking adventure of Cindy Wolfs Bassets in Kentucky. We didn't get together soon enough to make the Christmas card exchange this year but wanted to wish all our Basset friends and their people a very Happy Holidays! Just click on the link to see the BAsset Card. She has 8 of them now so it takes a minute to load <g>
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Such beautiful dogs. I love all that skin!

Beautiful slide show and the hounds are awesome. Merry Christmas to you also!!
Love their names! Beautiful slide show.

Janice and little Ruby
Your babies are magnificent! All that skin! Those ears! Simply delicious. Thanks for sharing.
Gosh, they all look so big and wrinkly! I just want to reach out and smooch them all! I am always a bit jealous of folks that have more than one hound as I dream of having many! Of course, I don't know how Yogi would feel about that since he is my very special boy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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