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Meetup/waddle and vet talk

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So, I was looking at some links provided earlier by some awesome forum goings (thank you!) and though there are vets in the "area" for me, they're still 2 hours way. I'm in Ventura, CA and I just really can't find any vets that are familiar with basset hounds. So, after google searches (maybe i'm not typing in the right magic words?) Anyone got any other ideas/help? : )

On another note, I want to go to a waddle! Bowser would love it, but there's never one close! There was one a while ago in Santa monica i think...but we weren't in town. There's one in Kingsburg CA, but again that's pretty far for me. Anyone know of one that happens in the Ventura/LA area?

Thanks for the help! Sometimes word of mouth is better than google anyway ; )
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Not sure how far you're willing to go, but I have someone about 40 miles from you. The rescue we got Woofus from uses him, and he's a basset hound encyclopedia. The rescue has over 100 dogs, and she's been using him for 30 years. Hope this helps a little and it's not too far (maybe 45 mins no traffic)

Young Kim, D.V.M.
Roswinn Pet Hospital
20021 Roscoe Blvd., Canoga Park, CA 91306
(818) 718-2112
That's much better than the previous closest one I found, which was 72 miles away in Redondo beach *lol*
That is actually what I really wanted though...i don't mind TOO far away IF the person is really knowledgeable about bassets...that's what I've been looking for! Thank you! : )
Before I got my Bentley years ago I was dating a fellow who had a basset hound and we went to a waddle in Michigan. It was the funniest thing ever to see so many varieties, all shapes and sizes. I loved the way they had the "relief carts" for the hounds who couldn't finish on their own. Even though my boyfriend's Buford was young he pooped out before the end too. Most of the hounds were all dressed up in costumes. Great fun for sure, hope you can find one near you! Kathy and Angel Bentley ATB 3/1/11
The North Texas Basset Rescue has an annual "shuffle", a day of basset hound events. Obviously way too far for you but anyone reading the thread in Texas might be interested :p

Welcome to North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.
Maybe you can try looking at "meet"'or the city data forums. Finding a good vet is such a pain!
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