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She’s tolerating the collar fine. I inquired about the soft one, they said if it was a front leg amputation that would be fine but because it’s rear they feared she’d be able to bend and lick at the wound.

Soft Tissue Sarcomas have a very rare metastasis rate, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee of the grade until after amputation since it grows like tree roots into their ligaments and such. They’re sending the amputated limb off to the lab to confirm the grade was in fact low, and the doctor said she didn’t see anything during the procedure that would lead her to believe it spread but that’s not a guarantee there weren’t microscopic cells that the naked eye couldn’t see.

We had another Basset that passed away a few years back, and if this had happened to her we likely wouldn’t have moved forward with the amputation. She was larger, not very mobile, and I don’t think she would have tolerated it well. Penny on the other hand is the runt of the litter and small (50 pounds but could certainly lose a few) and incredibly active - in her younger years she would jog along with us on a leash while we rode our bikes.

I can certainly understand why you’d question the decision to amputate a limb on a senior basset, and our decision making could have been skewed by emotions, but once the specialists evaluated and saw in her what we see we felt very confident moving forward with the procedure and do believe that we’ve got many years left to enjoy. Time will tell of course, but 3 days post op I’m feeling good about it and don’t think it will affect her quality of life, at least not to the point that euthanasia would have been the better option.
Dear Penny's Mom : I think you were both courageous and correct in your difficult decision to amputate! I hope you have several more happy years with Penny ! It is certainly better to try amputation in your case versus euthanasisia. We also have a runt of the litter and wish Penny the best in her recovery. No looking back...she is lucky to have you ! Tucker's Mom
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