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Medium or LARGE?

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While doing some reading about foods I learned the difference between large breed puppy food and other.The difference being fat content and how fat makes large breeds grow faster and thus effecting bone growth in a negative way. The Basset breed borders on large so I wonder if they are considered large or medium. I had always understood them to be medium. Any thoughts on this subject?
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I was feeding our bassets the other puppy food for a while (non large breed) but both ended up getting growing pains (a rotating lameness) "Pano" I think it's called ... anyhow the vet ended up telling us that it could be the food was too rich for them and to switch to a "large breed" food because even though they're short - bassets have denser bones and a rate of growth that is considered more of a "large breed" thing.

So - we switched from regular puppy to large breed puppy food and they've had a couple minor bouts with the growing pains but nothing near as bad as it was the first time.

We've started weaning them off the large breed puppy to the large breed dog food now and they seem to be doing great.

In my house anything smaller than 70lbs is medium. lol! We feed Lily the regular puppy food She seems to be growing just fine and hasn't had any bouts of Pano.
I feed my two large breed dog food. I think that is what the vet recommended based on bone structure. Pano can probably be explained better by others but it's experienced by pups ans the symptoms are pain and lameness. It eventually passes but can be misdiagnosed as joint problems. Pearly had it really bad as a pup and eventually grew out of it.
Ruby had pano as a pup; she was growing too fast. She wasn't on puppy food all that long. Vet said never to go by what the back of the bag states.
My vet had Belvedere on "Large Breed" Nutro at 11 months, when we adopted him. He said that the Puppy foods would cause weight gain quicker than the joints were growing ...or something like that. It had to do with the amount of protein and fats in puppy food.

He said that Belly was big enough for his age (35 pounds at the time) and that we should switch right to the "Large Breed" formula.
Yup, basset is a confusing breed to categorize. They just don't like any other breed.
That's why I like them. :D :D
I try to "control" my puppies' growth, either by feeding large breed puppy food, or by changing puppies to adult foods at around 6-7 months.
Thanks for you replies:)
I am currently feeding Bessie regular Iams puppy food as the breeder was feeding her that also. But you all know when you read about certain "conditions" like pano you worry that her future health might be at stake. We are trying to keep her from jumping off the couch but we had let her do that for months before reading how that too might effect her health. So much to know and learn .....thanks for all your help........Jeff& Sandy
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