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Maurice, Lola and Bianca discovering part of their new garden :)

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Maurice, Lola and Bianca playing in our 'new' garden.

We moved in December but the garden wasn't fenced. Now part of the garden is (the rest will be finished on Thursday). As from then they'll have 15 acres to run/play/wrestle in.
As for now... they discovered a small part :)


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What a fun group of hounds you have and so much space for them too!!! I LOVE to see several Bassets living and playing together and we have always had two or three together and they play for ages and being pack animals, they love the company of other Bassets. I often feel sorry when I see a Basset living on his own with no other Bassets to have a rough and tumble with! 15 acres is a massive area for them!!!
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