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March 26/27 Leb. PA

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Anyone have information on this event:

The Susquehanna Basset Hound Club has a Field Trial planned for 27 & 28 March 2010 at the Lebanon County Beagle Club, Lebanon, PA.

I'm hoping to attend as a first time spectator. Any tips?
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Unfortunately most of the field trialer that post here will be at the AHBA world hunt today and the rest of the weekend. The event you will be spectating at is an AKC event which I am not that familiar with.

!. I would look for the Registration sign in area, this should be staffed by people knowledgeable in how the trial is being organized. Let them you are there to spectate and I would also let them know you are considering becoming involved in the sport and are also interested in puppy/dog They may may introduce you to one or more people from the area that can act somewhat as mentors.

Keep in mind however that AKC participants tend to be more "parochial" than others . That is you are going to have to initiate conversations not the other way round.
That same group is holding a fun field trial on May 2:

Have you ever thought of testing your hound's natural hunting instinct? Well, now you have the chance at the Fun Field Trial on May 2nd, hosted by Susquehanna and Berkshire Valley Basset Hound Clubs at the Carlisle Beagle Club in Pennsylvania.

The Fun Field Trial is open to any Basset Hound that has never placed in a field trial. Spayed and neutered dogs are welcome as are newcomers.

The Fun Field Trial is held in a fenced area. Your hounds will get the thrill of running with a pack of hounds that include experienced field trial hounds and following rabbit scent.

No rabbits are harmed, the hounds are just following the scent.

For more information contact Ken Engle at [email protected].

I hope to get there. I have two older bassets that are AHBA registered and we've done some tests. One of my two youngersters will enjoy the test.

Have fun if you go this weekend!

Harley Chick, RN CGC; Fred RN CGC; Miss Harley Puppy CGC; Molly
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i am President of Susquehanna,did you make it out to the trial? i don't post that often any more since i don't own bassets and have switched to beagles,but i am still a member of SBHC and i am a member of the Lebanon County Beagle Club also. as for being"parochial" there is always someone to help you with any questions you may have,but it's kind of hard to meet and talk to people when you are in mud up to your shins and in the middle of a briar patch,but when we get out of them we are more than willing to answer anything,you are also invited to jump in the briars and mud to help any time you like also:)
Hi Billy,

I plan on going May 2. I think Puppy might be good. Agility classes brought out her prey drive...she wanted to eat the little foofy dogs.

Is this the test where they shoot the gun? I'll need to take her to the shooting range to condition her.

It will be good to jump in the mud again!:D

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Attended Event

Yep! I made it out to the Leb. Co. Beagle Club for the Basset Field Trial. I used the club contact info listed on BHCA and received a prompt reply and invitation to attend and be a spectator. My son and I were greeted most hospitably and introduced to folks who were not "knee deep in the mud" but available to explain the goings on and talk about their "dogs and bitches". As a person who was not raised in the dog world, I'll probably never use the official/proper dog lingo but I appreciated knowledgable basset owners/breeders willing to share their expertise.I have to say, I'm quite envious of those who are able to devote so much time to basset-ology, able to host multiple hounds in their care and travel the US simply attending events that allow their pride and joy bassets to use their natural ability to compete in flushing out rabbits. A couple of hours spent in the company of hounds soothed the part of me that is longing for another basset, however, attending the event has not aided me in making a decision to either aquire and older basset or a young pup. Perhaps I just need to relax and when the right opportunity comes along............I'll know! Thanks to all who shared their hounds on Sat., they truly are extradinaory animals!
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Ok i did see you than but i did not have time to chat,i was the cute chubby fellow with the orange hat and camo cabelas pull over with the greyish beard.i was in the zone so to speak of trying to keep everyone in line when we are beating the were with Kenny Engle correct. Alice please do NOT take that puppy to the shooting range it may do more harm than good. if you go to the hunt test let the judges know that the dog has never been fired over and we make sure the pups attention is on hunting and who ever is doing the gun is not on top of the dog when they shoot.they maybe a better plan. gsally you take your time and you will know what is best for you,and please by all means come to more trials if you like,they make nice weekends,good food always served. when my kids were younger i made sure that i took them to some point of interest were ever the trials were at, a baseball game,amusement park,fishing etc.
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May 2nd event

Where can I find driving directions and event details for the May 2nd fun field trial event in Carlisle?
From Pa Turnpike: Get off exit 226 ( formerly exit 16 ). Take Rte. 11 North. At bottom of the Ramp bear right. 3/10 mile to second traffic light. Turn left on Middlesex Rd. Go 2.1 miles to first crossroads, turn left on Beagle Club Rd. 3/10 mile to clubhouse on left.

From 81 Northbound: get off exit 52B formerly exit 17B. Bottom of Ramp bear right on Rte 11 South. Go 7/10 mile to fourth traffic light. Turn right on Middlexex Road. Follow above directions from Middlesex Rd.

From 81 Southbound: get off exit 52 Formerly exit 17. At bottom of ramp bear right on Rte. 11 South. 3/10 mile to fourth traffic light. Turn right on Middlesex Rd. Follow above directions to Middlesex Rd.
Thanks...........for the directions. I'm working on arrangements to attend this event and/or one the weekend of May 22-23 sponsored by the other group ABHA in Denver Pa. I'm interested in seeing the difference between the two. It's been explained to me a couple of times but I don't think I'll get it until I actually see one of each type of event.
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