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Manny and Paco

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Hello everyone. My name is Manny and my dogs name is Paco. He is about a year old. When we first got him from my brother in law i wasn't sure i would like him. My wife had a bassette growingup and I remember her dog shedding and slobbering. Not to mention he also at times smelled. After a week living with him i grew to love him very much. I've been visiting this site for about a month now and have read about the passing of some dogs and the cruelty of some people towards dogs. I couldn't imagine something like that happening to my Paco without getting sad or upset. Long story short I love him very much. Recently I had to take him to vet because he throwing up all night. He eventually needed to have surgery to remove some sort of blockage in his stomach. This wasn't cheap but i would do anything for him. The vet didn't know what was in his stomach. He just said it was a whole bunch of white stuff that he cleaned out. I just got him back today and without him it felt like an eternity. So my wife and I were excited to have him back. He hasnt thrown up and is very calm until either me or my wife come in the door and or leave the house. He's currently eating special food that was given to us by the vet. Has anybody who has had surgery on their dog had any trouble with the stitches? Im afraid it was the DINGO bones we used to give him so we are now going to use Bully sticks. When he licks his wound is this o.k.? We walk him about three times but two of the times we do it just long enough to go pee. He only goes Number 2 at night when i take him out for a long walk. Is this o.k.? I have so many questions but have drawn a blank. Thanks for readin and for any responses in advance. I look forward to being part of this community which obviously loves their dogs as much as I do.



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Warm welcome to Manny and Paco! :p

I've had surgery done to several of my bassets,
and we've always tried to cover the stiches for
dirt and licking, the best was a body shirt like this:

But I suggest you ask your vet, if s/he didn't provide you with the info.

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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Licking stitches is a natural response, but can't be allowed. Did your vet give you an e-collar? While they are a major PITA, especially for a short-legged dog, they do keep a dog's head away from healing wounds, and are very handy for those times when the dog is relaxing. My Edith Ann had two rocks removed from her stomach last summer, and she was on prescription canned food for a few days after. I'm sure your vet told you to give Paco no other foods, including chewies that will be swallowed, right now. If I were you -- I'd avoid all chews forever, including the bullie sticks. He clearly has a propensity for eating this type of treat, and obviously they cause serious problems.......
My Bubba had surgery when he was about 2 yearsld. He had swallowed an unopened pinecone - ouch!! After the surgery he was on a soft rice based dog food & recovered in no time. I never had a problem with him licking his stitches at all. He did really well.
Thanks for all your help and insight. I will try the shirt to keep him from licking and from the dirt. My wife and I have decided to steer away from chew toys as well. Paco thanks you for your advice since I am new to the world of bassets.
Everyone has given you good advice; the only thing I would add is that if you are ever in doubt about a health issue, you should always feel comfortable calling your vet. A good vet won't mind a phone call to clarify something for you.

I also just wanted to welcome you, and say that Paco is a very handsome guy.
Last year when Ruby had an owie in between her toes, we put a doggy sock (with velcro) on her. She hated it but she did leave her foot alone. We called her the "gloved one" the time. :lol:


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That is so cute. I love it.
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