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Male vs. Female Howlers

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Has anyone noticed more of a tendency to howl in one gender over another?
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Sadie & Spencer were about equal in their howling, but it was usually Sadie that got it started. Once she got going, Spencer would join in. I always loved to hear them howl together. Now that Sadie is gone, I don't get to hear much howling! Spenceer is more of a "talker." He always has something to say. :rolleyes:
Moe is a rare howler but when he does Tally follows suit (it's hilarious to hear a high-pitched Dachshund howl!).

My friend's three Bassets are very different, though all three are the same age. Cleo and Ollie rarely howl, prefering to bark, but little Zelda uses howling to express herself all the time. She has a wonderfully deep Basset voice! I don't believe I've ever heard her bark! (They live about 1000 ft. away, through the woods behind us :lol: ).
My last basset (female), could howle once in a while, but not often.
Mr. Runcible (male) don't howle at all, or bark :(
Charlie barks but rarely bays. Edith Ann has a deep, low bay which she uses occasionally. Eloise has her mother's voice and she pretty much screams. It's awful! And she's a big mouth in the yard.....
Bogie has a very...musical, high pitched howl. I've never heard another basset sound anything like him, even in a room full of 40+ bassets. Most of the female bassets I have met don't really howl, but bark, and sometimes have a slightly howlish sound in the bark, but nothing like Bogie's singing howl. He's got quite the pair of lungs.
:( Sad to say we haven't heard the first "Aroooooooo!" from Bogie Carter, yet! He'll be two in April so we may not have a bayer in him. He does bark, and he sounds like a teenager whose voice is changing. Really funny!! :lol: :lol: We loved to here Bubba (ATB) bay, and we could say "Speak", and he would sing for us. Sure miss that guy.
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