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I just looked at them and said "No wonder your poor dog stinks. I'm surprised he's even able to walk."[/b]
:lol: ! :lol: ! :lol: !

On a more serious note, when Murray was having problems a couple of years ago with abcessing anal glands, you and Jonloanranger both recommended the stew you just mentioned. He now gets 1/2 Wellness kibble, and 1/2 stew, with canned pumpkin and yogurt on the side for yeast problems- the change has been really dramatic. His anal gland problems have gone frome severe, with the vet talking about surgery, to pretty minimal.

At this point I still feel pretty good about Wellness, but this Menu recall on top of the Diamond recall has really shaken my confidence in the pet food industry.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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