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Maggie's getting spayed

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So Maggie was dropped off at the vet this morning to be spayed. I can pick her up tomorrow at 10. I hope all goes well and, although it has been discussed before, I would love any suggestions on what to do when she gets home.

I used to volunteer at a vet and have seen the surgery done many times before, all without incident, but it is different when it is your dog. I loved the vet I used to volunteer for and if I was in the same city I would have taken her there in an instant - they didn't keep the animals overnight. They would do the surgery in the morning and the owners could pick them up in the evening - they felt it was better for them to be at home. However, Maggie seems to be an itcher and a chewer, so perhaps it is better for her to have a night there to see how she reacts to having stitches.

Wish her luck,
Missjoy and Maggie
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Let us know how she makes out. I'm sure she'll be excited to see you tomorrow. Sending lots of healing thoughts Maggie's way!
I'm sure she'll be just fine. She'll get lots of rest there and will be ready and waiting for you in the morning.

I know how you feel. Snoopy was done about three weeks ago now. She's running about as normal now but it did take her a week or so to get back to her normal self. Of course i was worried sick the whole time.

let us know how she's doing soon...
Baxter is set to be neutered in a couple of weeks. I'll probably be a wreck! :(
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