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Quite a weekend with Maggie. I had to spend most of the weekend out of the house as I was driving my friend to an event and home again - so I took Maggie and went for many walks and car rides while waiting for the event to be over.

Wouldn't you know it, we wake up at 6am on Saturday and Maggie's eye is puffed up like crazy. So one of our trips was to the emergency vet (she now has eye cream, he couldn't find any scratches or anything on the eyeball). The vet loved her - she is so well behaved. She also had her ears cleaned and anal glands expressed (for the price of emergency vet - she should get the whole package!).

After that Maggie was like a star. She had her picture taken twice on the weekend. Once we were wandering around a tourist town and some woman just asked if she could take Maggie's picture. Once I was getting a coffee at Starbucks and I was letting Maggie drink from the water bowl they put out for dogs. Well, Maggie decided (as usual) she should lie down and drink... more relaxing! So a guy who was asking me questions about her thought it was the cutest thing and took a picture of her with his cell phone.

Maggie also got a new (bright red) collar and shared my ice cream - for being so good at the vet.

She was exhausted last night - but bounded out the door this morning to go to doggy day care... she love it there. She comes home reluctantly at the end of the day because she wants to keep playing.
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