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Lymphoma treatment with Fenbendazole

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Has anyone successful reduced large cell lymphoma using the canine dewormer, fenbendazole
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When one of our hounds was diagnosed, after a fine needle aspirate, with Lymphoma, in his 13th year, his only symptom was an enlarged lymph gland which I felt in his neck. Because of his age and overall health at the time, we, on the advice of our vet, opted not to put him through any treatment. He had 6 months of excellent health - in fact I went into denial re the diagnosis - before on his final day, he collapsed and didn't come in for his second meal with the others. We had to let him go as his system had pretty much shut down.

So no, I have no experience of using that, for lymphoma. Sadly, I've just heard of another who was weeks short of his 14th birthday who was lost to this - he had lines back to my boy too and belonged to some people who had one of my puppies before when they lost him (normal life span) as I had nothing to offer them, bought this boy which I found for them.

There is a lengthy medical article about this (I think) if you search online. What does you vet say?
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