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My friend Huckelberry is a recent(about a month ago) rescue from an island in the Aleutian chain here in Alaska. Huckelberry is an older gentelman- an intact male (he will be neutered this week). Huck is approximately 8+ and has several lumps on his back, behind one ear, and at the corners of both eyes. These lumps and not draining and do not seem to be painful, they are in the skin layers it seems, however I am very concerned as to what they may be. The lump below one of his eyes is a bit large, and Huck seems to have a tiny bit of a yucky nose(some discharge). Can anyone help me with suggestions as to what Huck's lumps may be? Can older Bassets take injectable Dura Penicillian? Are these lumps a common issue with Bassets? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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