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Lucy and her new baby brother!

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Lucy has really warmed up to our new little dachshund. We've been hit with a winter blast here in Fort Worth and I have a nice toasty fire in the stove. The hounds are snuggled up near it. :D

It just doesn't get that cold here... :unsure:


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they look at ease with each other already bless them. i still dont understand how a basset can fall asleep somewhere with there heads just handing off the side and not resting on anything. can you imagin going to sleep with your head hanging off the end of the bed!?!
George even does that on the couch, his head just hanging off into space. I don't get it at all. :D

As for Lucy's baby brother -- does he have a name yet? He's too cute!
His name is Daschell...Dasch for short...had to give it a german type
What an adorable pair! I have a friend who has a dachsund and a basset. Be ready to hear "oh look, a mommy and a baby" . Sarah hears this an average of once a week when she walks them together. :rolleyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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