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Love my basset puppy

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Sorry I haven't posted in a bit - but I've been immersed in stinky puppy kisses! We brought little Cooper home last week and have been lovin' every minute of it! He's so smart- already walks like a champ on a leash (he brought the leash to me this morning!), comes when called, and is working on sit!
Here's a picture of the day we brought him home:

Such a happy little boy!

~ more soon, I promise :) Peg
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who gave naughty a whole new definition (and he managed to win in obedience and flyball!).
dogs are great discriminators and compartmentalizers the are great at figure out wjhen the rules apply and whe they slide the trick is being consistent. Work=PLAY=work
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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